“And then Angels carried my soul, to stand before God, so I started to question Him. Question number one;……” (extract from Before I woke up)


Been a full week, all I can say is that, the past days been challenging, it has been a sad week for me, for Pan Africans, for the world to some extent and a trying one in the comedy & film industry. Been a hard start of the month, that is Kevin Hart crushing on Sunday (02nd September) in his posh car, got major back injuries, medical reports were saying he is to go for the back surgery. I pray Kevin gets back to normal, I want to see his wide smile again, hope he won’t mess with the fans’ emotions again. Thank God he didn’t lose his ghost.

Photocredit:The Sun

As the week was coming to an end, Africa lost another face of independence winners, Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, fine he died at an age where he had perhaps lived all his dreams, seen a lot of generations change, grew up in the primitive Africa and lived to see Africa get industrialised. He, as a human being, had his wins and fouls, he may have been wrong in his political strategies, may have been right because all he was up to, was to make his dreams come true, just as you too may have dreams and do all you can at the expense of other people’s happiness to achieve them.

Robert Mugabe (R.i.p) of Zimbabwe
Photocredit:NewVision online

In the present tense, there are no mistakes, its only after awhile that we realise how wrong our perception of situations was, its then we start to have regrets and critics. In my life, I strive to being humble always, accept critics because they help me gain balance in my deeds, know my fouls and those of others and still accept them for who they are, because we are humans in an imperfect world. At last, always look up to God, for He is the reason why am still alive, I may have gained my wealth, popularity and luck in ways that are non-righteous, but God is Lord Almighty, who knows, Kevin may have perished in that accident, just like our beloved brother, Paul Walker (r.i.p) did, we would be sad but effortless to bring him back to life.

Paul Walker and the scene of his car accident

Its only life on earth that I know, we live it once, the concept of reincarnation cannot be justified by the mere resemblance, for the everlasting after-life in heaven is my desired thing, therefore, how about we be thankful to God for the gift of life, accept our challenges and seek His assistance and guidance in the trying moment, because we don’t know when we shall come to our life red-line.


Photocredit:Andrew Katongole

No one can stop the move, not even Trump or Putin

Way back, in Africa, it was all about Europe, with America, England, France and Russia being the most influential, the influence of these countries has been visible in various aspects, say, the type of government that African countries have, like the parliamentary government, the official language used, like English in Uganda and French in DR Congo all originated from Europe. We(Africans) almost abandoned our own traditional ways and adopted those of the former colonial masters, we prioritised the European culture, copied it from the dressing, language and ethics to codes of conduct.

Asia had been so quiet, trying to build her economies that had been destroyed in the past wars, this is because, countries like South Korea and China were also struggling with their challenges, trying to recover from war damages and disasters. The Asian governments greatly supported their innovative residents to create something new on market, and then pushed it further so as to benefit the innovators and the country at large. Their efforts started to yield success & development later, but, remember, these Asians stressed their culture more, that is the language, wears, ands kind conduct, they are the most humble people, greet each other with respect despite the difference in wealth or social class. Now that the Asians are greatly rooted economically, they have resorted to diversification of their culture, trying to make it established in Africa.

In Uganda, with the existence of International Youth Fellowship(IYF), the Asian culture is being taught to youth, despite their personal backgrounds, this is done through show casing the Asian traditional outfits, teaching the Asian conduct to the youth and language.
On 09-07th-2017 , the Asia culture festival was held at the IYF Centre, Wakalinga-Kampala-Uganda and below are some of the pictures of the event.

Two ugandan girls wearing the korean traditional outfit during the Asia culture festival.
Photo credit:Andrew Katongole
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole
Sharing has no age, ugandan youths having a taste of Thailand food during the festival.
Photocredit: Andrew Katongole

It is a great feeling learning the culture of our neighbours, so let me know yours. Thank you.


Photo credit: BBC.com

What about the African brotherhood..!?

People will always condemn your deeds, they preach the gospel of brotherhood, they will try as much as possible to paint the picture of Utopia to you, they will preach the sayings of today it’s me, tomorrow it’s someone else, try to make you see the value of your neighbours from other countries, will try to relate you to those you call foreigners, telling you that it’s because of desire for a better future, that those you now hate crossed boarders to sell their labour force to your country, but, all their efforts will be wasted, if you don’t change your mindset, your neighbour is not the reason why you are unemployed, he is not the reason why you are poor and he is not your threat, but, now you are a threat to him. The dream of United States of Africa now seems like a fantasy that the late Col. Muamar Gaddafi left behind.



When I was four, I used to watch action packed movies, like the Terminator. In these movies killing was treated as a usual and legal act, that the murder would most of the times walk away with it, and no charges held against him.

So one day I went out to play in the square near our home, I found Trump, the boy next door and a family friend, he used to come into our house at least once everyday, was playing with the soldier toys, holding two toys, one in each hand and there was one laying on the ground, I really loved these toys and the shooting games, the art we invented, of adding tomato sauce to the toy to indicate that it had been shot to death or got serious injuries, brought the game to life, we played 3D games even before they were introduced to Uganda. I then tried to reach out for the other toy laying on the ground.

“Don’t touch my toys, just leave me alone,” Trump said, gathering all his toys before I could touch any, “I don’t want to play with you.” He added, then stood up and ran back to their house, I felt like I should run after him, grab his ribs and forcefully take the toys, but in my deeds I wasn’t so violent, though, my thoughts were. I felt like Trump wasn’t treating me as a friend, so I ran back to mum.

“mum”, I called out, getting closer to her, she was seated outside the house on a stool, breast feeding my younger brother who was about five to six months old then, she seemed busy, “mum”, I continued, “I am going to kill Trump.” Her facial expressions changed so sudden, she stared at me with a provoking eye making me explain my point why, “he is selfish about his toys..” Before I could finish my statement, one heavy slap hit me directly into the face and another one landed on my right jaw, I felt like my face was burning, I gathered my strength and ran away from mum to a safe corner were I cried in privacy. It then hit my mind, mum must have not liked the idea of killing Trump, killing must be so evil that mum had to slap me this badly, I realized it was(is) a vice in our society and greatly condemned.

Truly, morals begin from home, lets do our part as grown ups.

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